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  • Click4BigPicCROSLEY model 11-110U is an unusual clear acrylic over Creme in color plastic AM radio with a raised center square dial area that is missing the round trim piece that encompases the dial.This radio was made in 1952 and does work. There are some cosmetic issues with this but can be restored nicely.The case does not have any chips or missing areas in the plastic. This is a hard radio to find!
    cost = $155 Radio** Rear** Tube Layout Label** Crosley Tag

  • Click4BigPicRCA model rc1079l AM. This wooden table radio looks like a homemade cabinet was built for the chassis as the back plate doesn't exactly fit. The radio itself is complete but only buzzes, so it will need some repairs.
    cost = $20 Front pic** Side pic** Rear **Back Plate** Front #2


  • Click4BigPicRCA model 7C6F AM. Great tube type clock/radio from 1956. It has that great 50's burgandy color and is AM only. The clock knobs can be set to wake you with music.Both the radio and the clock work great,the colors are good and it needs to be polished to make it shine. There are a few scuffs to the top and the case is in great shape.
        cost = $35 Front pic** Side pic** Clock Area

  • Click4BigPicRCA model RZA201T AM TRANSISTOR table radio.The color is a great "clove brown", as stated on the reverse of the radio. Made in Japan so its an early one for sure. It doesn't work and I don't know why! The design has great lines to it and is complete.There is some sticker residue on the top which can be removed.
    cost = SOLD!!! Front pic** Angle pic** Angle 2**Left side** Right side** Side pic

  • Click4BigPicREALISTIC "CHRONOMATIC-10", model number 12-1464 Clock/Radio.The case is creme colored and the clock has a black background with yellow numbers,white hands and a red circle for the second hand. It is a transistorized unit and made in Hong Kong. It works great, both the clock and the radio.The knob below the clock adjusts for "alarm"; "auto"; "on" and "off" and there is a knob in the rear to "push: alarm set" and "pull: time set". The radio thumbwheels are on the side of the case and this is AM only.The case is intact but there are a few dings and marks about it, but stills looks good! The clock/radio is 7 1/2" wide; 5" tall and 4 1/2 " deep, so this is a really cute compact type of radio that will awake you just fine in the morning.
    cost = $25 Front pic** Left Side**Right Side** Rear

  • Click4BigPicMOTOROLA model 5C21W-1 AM/CLOCK/RADIO.A 1959 AM creme in color.It has a few flaws; the clock works but is noisey,and is missing the plastic cover and one knob. The radio works great! It overall needs a good cleaning. The right knob is the dial knob and the numbers and cival defense marks are readable. The gold colored "MOTOROLA" logo is present but the words are half worn away. There is a one inch piece of plastic bar missing from the front as seen in the pictures.There are no other missing pieces and the usual scratches for having things placed on top of the radio. This can be a good project!
    cost = $20 Front pic** Angle pic** Bottom Label

  • Click4BigPicThis MOTOROLA model 79XM21 AM/FM tube radio is a 1950 GREEN bakelite colored wonder! The 1/2 moon chromed dial area is RED for the FM band, and GREEN for the AM band. The radio plays great with few marks or scuffs on the case. The chromed dial areas are clean with spots of "needing a good buffing".Take a good look at the pictures, this is also a hard to find radio!
                            SOLD!! Dial Area** Angle 1** Side Pic

  • Click4BigPicGENERAL ELECTRIC AM/CLOCK RADIO model C 403-B. The case is white with a gold colored clock face.The clock hands are white and the second hand is black and has one switch that controls the "on/off/auto" feature of the timer.This tube radio was made in 1956. The clock runs great but the radio has a loud buzz even tho it does pick up stations, so it needs the filter capacitors replaced.The plastic cover of the clock face has stress marks to the bottom corner but is very clear still.The case needs a polish job and has no scratches!
    cost = $30 Front** Angle 1** Angle 2

  • Click4BigPicGENERAL ELECTRIC model 480 "MUSAPHONIC".This 1954 AM radio is BURGANDY in color.The radio works well with great volume.The insides need a good cleaning as seen in the "rear" picture.The internal dial light moves with the red dial pointer for a really special effect. There are a few of the creme grill slats that are missing, and the top of the radio has some scratches and marks on it, especially noted is a round indent the size of a dime on the top left and other scrapes along the top as well.The plastic case is complete with no other problems, just needs a good polish job inside and out!The left "volume" knob is also the control for the "phono" sound to play thru the speaker.There is a rear switch for "local - distance" antennae; and a "phono input" .Click on the radio picture.
    cost = $65 Dial area** Back cabinet** Grill area

  • Click4BigPicSILVERTONE model 20 This radio is an AM/FM tube radio that has been painted a two tone color.The case,chassis and knobs are complete with no damage at all. It needs to be restored not only for color but electrically as well because it buzzes loudly.A new cord needs to be installed too. This is a project/parts radio.The clear plastic dial cover has some scrapes on the right side.
                                                    cost = SOLD!! Radio** Side shot

  • Click4BigPicSYLVANIA model number 598 AM CLOCK/RADIO, made in 1953. This radio is RED in color with a GOLD trim around the clock face.It is missing 1 clock knob but does work! This radio measures in at 13 1/4" long x 6" deep x 7" high. The case is in great shape with no deep scrapes or gouges, just ususal wear for this kind of plastic.The dial knob is on the right front and the volume knob is on the left side of the radio.It also has an appliance outlet in the rear.
    cost = $40 Radio front** Clock face** The back** Side area

  • Click4BigPicTRUETONE model D-3840. This 1948 portable tube radio is AM only and ac/dc & battery operated. It lites up but does not make any sound and has not been tested any further. It contains 6 tubes.This radio is made of wood, and is painted black. The top of the radio has a leather type coating on it,where the handle is located. It is capable of being battery operated but the battery wires are taped on the ends. It states that a 90 volt battery can be used. The 110 volt cord is in great shape and this radio is repairable. All parts and tubes are present, it needs a cleaning and no chips or gouges are present to the outside casing.The only marks that I can see on this is where the flip down front door meets the case, it is little scratch marks to grasp the door to actually open it. The door does stay in place when closed.The inside radio panel is gold toned metal, and there are 3 original knobs plus the tuner dial. The tuner dial moves freely. The top carry handle is made of hard black plastic and moves freely as well. There are some marks on the handle but can be polished off without a problem.
                                      cost = $30 Front closed ** front open ** the dial ** the speaker area ** rear ** original tag

  • Click4BigPicZENITH model F-450-P2 ORANGE plastic AM/FM/CLOCK radio.This radio is a TRANSISTOR radio,The radio works great but the clock isn't! It is more of a mustard type color and the top is darker than the fron so it probably was facing the sunlight.It has an unusual shape, see the side shot! This is missing the screws that hold the back on but you can replace these easily.
    cost = $25 Radio** The Back** a Side shot

    Volume 6, 9, and 13 are available.They are all in great shape!
    cost = $15 each.
    Rider 6.**Rider 6 side view **Rider 9.

  • Click4BigPicSAMS RADIO PHOTOFACT SERVICE manual; sets #31 to 40. From January 1948, this covers all Sams sets folders #'s 481-1 to 481-34. This is the manual that gives you the actual pictures of the radios! It also has the tabs attached for quicker reference to what folder you need to look at.
    cost = $20 front view.**another shot.**last shot.

    These tube radios with prices and the manuals are current as of:
    February 10,2014

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